Bat Guano Nitrogen

High Nitrogen. Bat Guano is an all-natural organic fertilizer. Promotes intense vegetative growth.
NPK varies based on availability. 
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High Nitrogen Bat Guano NPK varies depending on availability.

High Nitro Bat Guano

  • All-natural organic fertilizer.
  • Promotes intense vegetative growth
  • Excellent for making compost tea and liquid fertilizers.
  • 100% bat guano. No additives. No fillers.
  • Promotes improved crop yields.
Suggested applications
Bulk soil mixes: 3-5 lbs / yard

Lawn & Garden:2.2lbs per 100 sq. ft.

Transplanting & Top Dressing: 2 Tbs. per 1 gal. of soil or growing medium.Gently dig into soil surface once per month or as desired.