Compost and Soil FAQ

Questions about compost and bulk products:

1) Why is there glass in my compost?
We buy our compost from Grover in Vernalis, California.
They are a state controlled organic compost supplier we have been working with since the early 1990's.
Additionally, the compost they supply is OMRI Listed organic, but we do find debris in the compost.
We have been working with Grover to reduce and ultimately eliminate any debris in the Compost they supply.
We have considered other compost suppliers, but the compost from Grover consistently out performs the other compost we have tried.
For ornamentals, we suggest our Clean-Green compost. This compost is free from debris but is not OMRI Listed.
Due to shipping, this compost is a little more expensive, running about $65 for the 10% and $85 for the 20%.

2) What type of soil do you recommend for my garden?
We keep 5 mixes ready to go at all times. Our 10% mix is the recommended mix for yards, flower gardens, and other non fruit-bearing foliage. For fruit and vegetable gardens and fruit-bearing trees, we would recommend our 20% mix. If you're looking for a hotter mix, the special mix that we keep on hand is a great blend. For gardeners with more specialized needs, higher drainage, nutrients, etc., but would still like to feed, our coco coir mix perfect for you. Gwen's mix is for those same gardeners, who are looking for a self-feeding, season long nutrient supply.

3) Can I create my own mix?
Yes. We offer a wide variety of soil amendments for you to choose from, to add to any of our blends, or to create a whole new blend of your own creation. You can call us at (530)894-1276 to get a quote.

4) Can I get a discount on a bulk order?
We work with all of our customers to find a mix that fits with their needs and their budgets. Additionally, large bulk orders will receive a discount at the time of purchase.

5) How do I become a wholesaler of the TWF products?
Send us an email with your name, phone number and address to requesting the wholesale packet. The packet includes our price list, credit application, terms and conditions along with a sample of the Gwen's mix and the Castings.