Alfalfa Meal

Organic plant fertilizer that enriches and helps rebuild soil. Available in 50 lb. bag
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Alfalfa Meal works as an organic fertilizer utilizing microbacteria to break down and produce heat that accelerates the decomposition of minerals within the meal. Rhizobacteria activity processes the nutrients further, making them more readily available for use by the plant. Using Alfalfa Meal is easy and provides an alternative to other organic fertilizers such as blood meal or compost that may contain excessive amounts of nitrogen for more delicate plants. Alfalfa Meal works very well as a compost bio-activator due to its remarkable nitrogen to carbon ratio and it also makes a great mulch for use in the planting and growing stages of your plant's life. Alfalfa meal is also a great source of trace elements for fertilizing and soil conditioning. It is loved by roses and earthworms alike.
Suggested application: 5-10 lbs / yard.
Available in 50 lb. bag or by the pound