Peat Moss Sphagnum

Used as a soil amendment for gardens as well as preparation and restoration for lawns. Available in 3.8 cubic foot bag and 50 cubic foot tote
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Sphagnum peat moss is composed mainly of partially decomposed Sphagnum moss species. Commonly called peat moss or sphagnum peat moss.
Sphagnum peat moss must have a fiber content greater than 66%, all of which is derived from the genus Sphagnum. This is the most important type of peat for horticultural use.
Peat moss does not contain nutrients but it absorbs nutrients both already existing in the soil and those added by you. The cell structure of sphagnum peat moss is large so it can absorb extra air and nutrients like a wick or sponge. By absorbing these important nutrients, peat moss then releases them over time as your plants need them. Otherwise, what happens is that important nutrients are lost through a leaching process and you'll have to fertilize more or have plants that are not as healthy as they could be.
Another of the great benefits of sphagnum peat moss is that it is very light weight when you are working with it. Peat moss is a good value for the money because it is compressed into bales. After opening, it expands to about twice the amount as in the package. Once in your soil it can retain 20 times its weight in moisture and will release water slowly as plants need it.
The following are benefits of Sphagnum Peat Moss:
  • Aerates heavy soils like clay
  • Binds soils that are sandy
  • Protects soil from hardening
  • Adds organic material to soil
  • Saves water and ensures moisture
  • Adds more oxygen to plant roots
  • Releases nutrients as plants need them
  • Decomposes slowly over several years
  • Free of insects, weeds and chemicals
  • Makes compost better

Suggested application: 1-3 bails / yard.

Available in 3.8 cubic foot bag and 50 cubic foot tote

Weight: Approximately 50 lbs./bag or 2000 lbs./tote